Is the company you are using….

Is the company you are using to clean your carpet or upholstery using safe products? Not all cleaning products are made equal. There are some products that are used on commercial carpets that should not be used in residential homes. Is the company that’s cleaning your carpets rinsing the carpets thoroughly after cleaning? Are they moving furniture? Do they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee? There are many things that sets Kornelia from our competitors. Make sure to call us and see what we can offer as a carpet cleaning service or any of the other services we provide.

Spring Savings on Carpet and Duct Cleaning!

Now its the best time to have your carpets and ducts cleaned! The snow has melted and the warm weather is coming. With Spring cleaning call Kornelia and save on Carpet and Duct cleaning. We offer theĀ biggestĀ savings now! Call us for details.

Video Reviews – Get Honest Opinions

We understand that its hard to trust random online reviews and we know that some companies like to fake their reviews. When it comes to Kornelia you don’t have to worry about that. We not only have written reviews but video reviews as well. Here is an example: